Join us and shape the future of data privacy!

We are a team of dedicated professionals who believe in the impact of data protection laws on how business is done today. We are here to help secure our clients' businesses worldwide with the expert knowledge of our data privacy law firm and our deep understanding of online business challenges. The two pillars of Prighter are a tech-centred business and a law firm, combining many years of expertise to create a unique and dynamic environment.

Open Positions

What to expect from our hiring process

We carefully review every CV we receive with more than just our posted vacancies in mind - when you’re growing as fast as we are you always have to keep an eye on potential! If your CV has something special, we’ll reach out to you to set up a call directly with our executive team to see if sparks fly. If you’re interested in a technical role we’ll review your previous projects and see how we work together hands on. We like to define a small project to see how you manage tasks you’ll encounter with us, Finally, we’ll discuss in depth with you how to find an arrangement that works for both parties, flexibility is at the core of what we do!