Your EU GDPR Representative

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Point of Contact for Privacy Authorities

Reduce your risk of being fined

Our team of experienced data privacy lawyers and privacy professionals is your first line of defence and can assist you with requests from data protection supervisory authorities immediately. Your GDPR-REP subscription covers all standard requests like the requests to submit records of processing activities. Additionally, you can ask us for guidance about specific legal challenges or in the event an authority opens a proceeding. We have you covered!

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EU-wide Coverage

Located in all EU member states

Our offices together with our unique network of partner offices expand to all major EU member states. We are your one-stop-shop for privacy representation no matter where you operate and where your clients are: the EU at your fingertips.

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Point of Contact for Data Subjects

Data Subject Request Tool

We act as a trusted point of contact for privacy related enquiries from all of your EU customers, targeted individuals, website visitors or data subjects whose personal data you process. Our proprietary Prighter Data Subject Request Tool provides you with a structured process for privacy related requests and lets you channel, structure and filter all incoming privacy requests in one place. It is designed to simplify and manage the whole lifecycle of a privacy request for you and your customers, saving you time, internal resources and money and reducing your compliance risk substantially. Get rid of the manual handling of email-requests.

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Your Privacy Software

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Privacy Management

We have created an easy onboarding with an end-to-end digital customer journey for you to appoint us as your representative in just a few clicks. Follow our signup process to start your compliance journey and we will take care of the rest: no implementation needed. Once signed up, you can immediately take advantage of your Privacy Management, including features such as the privacy snippet generator to keep your privacy policy up to date. You also get full access to our Data Subject Request Tools to streamline customer enquiries and handle requests from millions of data subjects in one place. Sign up for your 14 day free trial and test all functionalities – no strings attached.

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Prighter Compliance Landing Page

Valued privacy services for your customers

We provide you with a Compliance Landing Page: a place to find all your privacy related resources, verify your appointment of GDPR REP as your representative and the access point for privacy related requests. This is your window to the world for privacy-related matters. Demonstrate your GDPR readiness and gain trust and loyalty.

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Certificate of GDPR Art 27 representation

Demonstrate your commitment to data privacy

Let everybody know that you are compliant and gain the trust of your customers, clients, partners, suppliers, and everybody else you interact with. We provide you with a certificate that can be embedded in your website and accessed on your Compliance Landing Page. We are happy to issue the certificate in any other format required for submission to partners, online and offline display, or inclusion into your contracts.

Illustration of the certification authenticating the EU GDPR representation service.

Your One-Stop-Shop for Data Privacy

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Premium Support

Expert guidance wherever and whenever you need it most

All our clients are supported by a dedicated team of privacy professionals helping you to always be on top of your compliance. We regularly update our products and provide clear recommendations for action on urgent privacy issues. We are happy to assist you in English, German, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese. Reach out to us at any time.

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Specialized Law Firm

As a law firm, we are highly specialised and experienced in IT and data privacy matters. All your information is protected under our attorney-client privilege and besides being qualified as a European law firm, our attorneys and associates are also certified data protection officers and hold certificates from various institutions such as the IAPP and TÜV. Get the quality and integrity of a specialised law firm for the price of a software product with no hidden costs.

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Add-on Privacy Services

Additional advisory services for all global privacy matters

Prighter provides additional value Icon Build your own plan and only pay for what is relevant to you. Our standard offer covers most visible obligations under GDPR. Additionally we offer a data breach subscription with immediate assistance in case of a data breach. Should you need privacy representation in other regions such as Turkey, Serbia or African countries, we are happy to help.

NIS representation

We offer representation according to Art 18 NIS Directive (EU 2016/1148) for digital service providers (DSPs) to complete our one-stop-shop offering. The major benefit of this approach materialises in case of a security incident, where we can offer consistent response without the need for coordination between different providers.

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