Global Privacy Laws relevant to the Education Sector

Part 1: the rise of the privacy representation

Andreas Women called Charlotte in a pantsuit.

Andreas Maetzler, Charlotte Mason


The regulatory landscape for data protection is getting increasingly complex. This series of webinars helps you stay on top of the developments in multiple jurisdictions. Part 1 of the series is focusing on the requirement to appoint a representative. What you can expect:

  • Extra-territorial scope explained: Is there a difference between EU & UK GDPR, KVKK, PIPL and Swiss DSG?
  • The role of the representative (New case law): addressee for data subjects and authorities, data breach notifications, facilitating communication, demonstrating accountability and trustworthiness
  • Exemptions from the obligation: where is the differentiation between private and public educational organisations relevant?
  • Outlook and Q&A

Discuss with privacy professionals from different jurisdictions and learn what is new and coming:

  • Webinar: Globalisation of Privacy Regulations - Implications on the educational sector: Part 1 the rise of the privacy representation
  • Date: 05 June 2023, 4pm GMT+8
  • Speakers: Andreas Maetzler, Charlotte Mason,

This webinar is eligible for the Continuing Privacy Education (CPEs) scheme by the IAPP.


Dr. Andreas Mätzler CIPP/E, CIPM, FIP

Andreas is a data privacy Attorney and CEO at Prighter. He holds privacy certificates from various institutions and worked as DPO for banks, financial institutions, tech, and healthcare companies. His deep understanding of data protection matters and different privacy regulations combined with an entrepreneurial hands-on approach enables clients to operationalise global privacy.


Charlotte Mason, attorney at law

is an experienced UK data protection lawyer. Charlotte has worked with clients across a variety of industry sectors and with companies of all sizes from start-ups to large national and multinational organisations. Her experience in both operational and in-house legal roles allows Charlotte to distil complex legal concepts into practical commercial solutions.