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Privacy Representation and Software

Prighter offers amazing data protection tools supported by specialised representation services to make compliance with data protection laws easy and efficient.

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Privacy Representation and Software

We provide a market-leading solution for representation under privacy laws around the world, allowing your company to reach out to new markets in compliance with the local data protection laws. Grow your business, protected by Prighter.

Privacy Software

We develop scalable legal services by leveraging the experience we have gained as lawyers, external data protection officers, and privacy representatives. Our multidisciplinary team brings together the best of the legal and tech sectors to provide high-end tech solutions for your privacy compliance challenges.

NIS Representation

For digital service providers we provide the representation related the security of network and information systems (NIS) in the EU and the UK. Benefit from an all-in-one Representation as a Service and rely on a consistent handling of incidents.

Prighter provides Legal Guidance

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