Data Subject Request Tool

Our proprietary Prighter Data Subject Request Tool takes away the pain of handling data privacy requests manually and provides you with a structured process for privacy inquiries. Our unique workflow lets you channel, structure and filter all incoming requests in one place to save time and money.


The Prighter Way to handle DSRs

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DSR Workflow

We have analyzed thousands of cases to provide you with an automation process that manages the whole lifecycle of privacy requests in a user-friendly manner. Our privacy request form acts as a trusted point of contact for privacy related inquiries from all your EU customers, such as targeted individuals, website visitors or data subjects whose personal data you process. Requests can easily be handled inside the tool and integrated into your existing CRM and database.


DSR Automation

We channel all of your privacy requests regardless of whether you receive them via the request form, email or by mail. We have structured all data through our natural language processing intelligence to automate the handling of privacy requests as much as possible. All data will be aggregated in the DSR Dashboard where all requests are documented and processed with only a few clicks.

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Premium Support

All our clients have a dedicated team of privacy professionals on the ground in the country that your customers are situated in. We offer help for your general, software and data privacy concerns and provide hands on support for you to always be on top of your compliance. We regularly update our products and provide clear recommendations for action on urgent privacy issues. We are happy to assist you in English, German, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese. Reach out to us at any time.

Not only more efficient,
but also more compliant


One Tool to channel all DSRs

The DSR Tool provides you with a workflow to channel all requests through a request form that automatically structures all incoming inquiries. Unstructured requests via email or mail will automatically be transformed into structured data by our AI-powered natural language processing, so you will never miss out on any requests. Don’t worry about the interpretation of such requests: our augmented intelligence combined with our expert knowledge on handling DSRs will take care of it.


Guided DSR handling

We guide you through all steps of data subject requests and give you an easy way to handle them. We start with the identification of the data subject lodging a request, track the geolocation, and give you options to drop or follow the request depending on its context within GDPR. We also make sure you handle the request with just a few clicks, or optionally extend deadlines in compliance with GDPR if needed.


DSR Decision Making

Every type of request must be processed and handled differently. We have structured our unique knowledge on data request management and streamlined all possible processes in one tool. All requests can be diligently checked in accordance with the law to give you the best options on how to handle requests. A simple example would be if you receive a request to erase data which you are not obliged to erase, you can rely on different reasons to retain all or parts of the data such as a legal retention period for tax purposes. Our DSR tool will always recommend the best action for your business.

Three Reasons for using a Data Subject Request Tool

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Save time

You can save up to 75% of the time and internal resources you would spend on handling privacy requests without a dedicated tool for it. Moreover, we take care that the way you do it is most efficient and compliant. Annoying email traffic about privacy issues is a thing of the past!

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Remain compliant

Our mission is to provide our clients with cost efficient legal services that guarantee GDPR compliance to avoid unnecessary fines. We have condensed our expert knowledge on data privacy, as a law firm and as an external DPO, into our unique DSR Tool. We constantly improve our solutions and adapt to the most recent privacy laws to keep you and your customers up to date.


Create value for your customers

Consumer behavior is changing and especially EU consumers have gained an increasing interest in their rights under the GDPR. Companies that show their customers that they take privacy seriously can win their trust and loyalty easier. We act as a trusted point of contact for privacy related inquiries from all your EU customers, such as targeted individuals, website visitors or data subjects whose personal data you process.

Wait, there is more!


Channel all incoming requests through one structured workflow.

Natural Language Processing

Prepare unstructured requests automatically.

Request Landing Page

Provide a customizable landing page as main entry point for data subjects.

Request Status

Offer data subjects’ access to their DSR status.


Ensure compliance through a structured identification process.


Verify subjects’ geolocation to assess GDPR eligibility.


Define your role in a request and handle request depending on your role.

Deadline Management

Keep track of all deadlines and extend automatically where necessary.

Smart Decisions

We provide all compliant options on how to handly every type of request.

Automated Communication

Automate the entire standard communication with data subjects.

Communication Hub

Structure the communication process in case of need for clarification.

Audit Trail

Export all DSRs for documentation and audit purposes.


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