Efficient, intuitive, tailored data subject request management

Reduce the time and effort required in handling data subject requests. The PrighterDSR Solution manages requests no matter how they are received, guiding you through each stage of a request with jurisdiction specific workflows, designed and supported by a team of privacy professionals.

Trusted by hundreds of organizations in 49 countries, from small to large businesses!

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Benefits of PrighterDSR


Boost efficiency

Boost efficiency with Prighter DSR Solution, free up valuable resources and automate the entire DSR lifecycle.

The augmented automation of the entire DSR lifecycle and of interactions with data subjects reduce the time spent manually handling data subject requests. The Prighter DSR Solution channels, structures and filters requests into one central location providing instinctive guided workflows designed by our team of privacy professionals. Implement Prighter DSR and instantly free up valuable resource within your privacy and customer service teams.


Single source of compliance

Use Prighter DSR Solution to comply with data protection laws around the world, replacing generic forms with tailored, compliant privacy processes.

One tool, many possibilities. Feel safe conducting international business in compliance with multiple data protection regimes using one solution. Say goodbye to generic web forms and rely instead on the Prighter DSR Solution to handle privacy requests using processes tailored to comply with relevant local regulations. The Prighter DSR Solution is designed to reflect the specific regulatory requirements of multiple jurisdictions including EU and UK GDPR, CCPA/CPRA (California), PIPL (China) and KVKK (Turkey) and more.


Professional Expertise

Rely on our team of multijurisdictional privacy lawyers and experts and get access to data protection expertise augmenting the Prighter DSR Solution.

Reduce the burden of compliance by relying on our automated Prighter DSR solution augmented by a team of multijurisdictional privacy lawyers and professionals. Help is on hand for setting up the process to manage and handle privacy related requests. Our global team and network of partners are industry experts, enabling you to reach out to international markets with ease and comfort through one trusted provider.


Gain Trust

Gain your customers' trust and loyalty by demonstrating your readiness to privacy rights' requests with transparency and reliability through the Prighter DSR Solution.

Customers are increasingly aware of their privacy related rights and interested in how their data is being used. Transparency and reliability are a crucial part of any customer experience especially when it comes to the use of personal data. Gain your existing and potential customers' trust and loyalty by demonstrating your readiness to handle privacy rights' requests in compliance with local data protection laws. Allow the Prighter DSR Solution to enable your business and be part of your customer success story.

Features and Services

To boost efficiency, trust and compliance


Customisable Workflows

Customisable automation allows you to take control. Adapt existing workflows to suit your internal processes, set pre-defined triggers for specific actions, determine template documentation and increase your overall level of automation to boost efficiency.


Brand for trust

Meet consumers' increasing expectations around privacy and show your customers that you take their rights seriously. Use your dedicated compliance landing page to add your corporate branding and upload your certifications and privacy documentation to create your virtual privacy shop window.


Reporting and audit trail

Create reports on the specifics of the privacy-related requests that you receive to understand more about the volume, origin, type of rights requested or the consistency of how requests are handled across your teams. Be ready for any audit or compliance review with a complete and comprehensive audit trail available for every request.


Cooperate in the team

Easily assign requests to co-workers for their input. Prighter DSR allows you to reflect internal permission systems to approve every step in the lifecycle of a privacy-related right.

Avaliable Jurisdictions

Every privacy regulation has its own set of rights. With Prighter DSR you can addresses these specifics with ease and efficiency


Californian CCPA

Make Consumer rights key with Prighter DSR California.



Handle each of the data subjects rights granted by the EU GDPR with Prighter DSR EU.



Manage the specifics of UK data subject requests with Prighter DSR UK.


Swiss DSG

Prighter DSR Swiss lets you meet the requirements of the Swiss DSG.


Turkey KVKK

Prighter DSR Turkey enables you to comply with the detail of Turkish KVKK.


Many More

Cover privacy requests from around the world.

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