We are your NIS Representative

Appoint Prighter as your representative for network and information system security in the EU, the UK, or both. Rely on our legal, security, and tech expertise and on our experience in handling incidents.


Does my company need a NIS–Representative?

If your organisation is a Digital Service Provider (DSP), which includes

  • online market places;
  • online search engines;
  • cloud computing services (including e.g. SaaS, IaaS or PaaS),

and is offering digital services in the EU or the UK without having its head office in the region where these services are being offered, your organisation may be required to appoint a NIS-Representative in the EU, the UK, or both, provided that you are not a small business.

Features and Services

Your all in One NIS-Representation


One-Stop Contact for the NIS authority and the CSIRT

Network and information security is critical. As the point of contact on your behalf with regard to all matters under the Directive on the security of network and information systems (NISD) we ensure timely and secure communication with the competent national authorities and the Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs). With our offices and partner offices we can act as one-stop-shop across the EU and the UK. Rely on our experienced team of experts augmented by the Prighter Authority Case Management to structure and handle interactions with authorities and CSIRTs. Appoint Prighter as your trusted point of contact for the national NIS authority and the CSIRTs in the EU and the UK.



As your NIS representative we take care of the registration process with the relevant competent authority in the EU and the UK. We provide you with a NIS representation certificate, which you can embed in your website footer to quickly and easily demonstrate your compliance and identify Prighter as your NIS representative. The certificates links back to the compliance landing page where we host all relevant contact details.


Tech enhanced NIS Representation

The Prighter NIS representation comes with the Prighter Authority Case Management, a software solution designed to handle the lifecycle of any cases with authorities or CSIRTs related to network and information security. On top of that we provide you with tools to gain trust not only with the authorities but also with the wider public. Use the compliance landing page to demonstrate your compliance and provide your clients and partners with the certificate issued by us.


Incidence reporting

Rely on Prighter to be there in the most critical situation for your company. Reporting incidences is one of the core obligations under the Directive on the security of network and information systems (NISD). The challenging part of the incident reporting under NISD is that the requirements for the reporting and the content deviates from the GDPR and also the authority to whom to report is not necessarily the same. To deal with these challenges we build dedicated reporting lines with the authorities and have designed our Prighter Breach solution in a way that not only the requirements for a data breach notification under GDPR are built into the solution, but also the reporting under NISD.

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NIS Representation EU & UK FAQ

Does the NIS-Directive apply to our company?

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