Understand the 12-month CPRA enforcement stay by Sacramento's Superior Court. Impact on companies and status of CCPA regulations explained. | Prighter

💥 It is official - CPRA regulations get delayed until March 29, 2024

The Superior Court for the County of Sacramento decided that the enforcement of the CPRA regulations is stayed for 12 months from the date the California Privacy Protection Agency published the final version which was March 29, 2023.

You may think that you can enjoy Californian beach life now, but the last minute court ruling leaves companies in limbo. The existing version of the old CCPA regulations stays applicable. It remains unclear whether the underlying provisions of the text of the statute will be enforceable and how the old version of the CCPA regulations can be enforced where their statutory basis was subsequently amended.

The California Privacy Protection Agency will hold a public meeting on July 14, 2023, discussing the enforcement.