The EU's Final AI Act Draft Revealed I Crucial Updates Unveiled

Luca Bertuzzi has brought to light the final, agreed draft of the EU’s AIAct, marking a significant disclosure. EU countries received this crucial document just yesterday, setting the stage for a pivotal discussion within the Telecom Working Party, a technical body of the EU Council, slated for this Wednesday.

The formal adoption at the ambassador level (COREPER) is swiftly approaching on 2 February, creating a tight timeline for national delegates. Their focus is honed on key articles due to the comprehensive nature of the document, providing an intricate glimpse into the legislative process.

Adding a layer of intrigue, France is currently exploring potential alliances with other countries to form a blocking minority. The strategic objective is clear: to exert influence on the impending COREPER vote and possibly secure amendments to the legislation. This tactical move aims not only to postpone the vote but also to navigate the complex landscape and ensure vital changes to the legislative text.

Despite the challenges and the current absence of a blocking minority, France’s influence remains resilient. The nation is unwavering in its commitment to shaping the implementation of the AI law, especially concerning secondary legislation—a testament to its significance on the national agenda.