Landmark US Privacy Bill Unveiled: A Leap Forward for Digital Privacy Rights

Last week, two influential members of the U.S. Congress unveiled a draft bipartisan, bicameral federal privacy bill, in a crucial step forward for safeguarding individuals’ privacy rights in the digital era.


Data Breach Notifications Across Europe: EDPB's list published!

This significant update nearly went unnoticed as all attention was focused on the final text of the AI Act. The #EDPB finally published the list detailing the notification processes of all relevant EEA data protection authorities (DPAs). In connection with the amended guideline 9/2022, this means that a non-EU company may need to report to 45 DPA’s in 26 languages.


Executive Order by President Biden Aimed at Securing Sensitive Personal Data of U.S. Individuals

President Biden has announced an unprecedented Executive Order designed to protect Americans’ most sensitive personal data from exploitation by foreign threats. This move addresses the growing concerns over the vast amounts of personal data collected and the risks posed by its potential misuse.


EDPB clarifies notion of main establishment and calls on EU legislators to make sure CSAM Regulation respects rights to privacy and data protection

Today, on February 14, 2024, the EDPB made two important announcements that could impact businesses and individuals across the EU:

Clarification on Main Establishment: The EDPB has provided new guidelines about what counts as a company’s “main establishment” in the EU. This is important for businesses that operate in more than one EU country because it helps determine which country’s data protection authority they primarily deal with. The guidance helps ensure that businesses know how to comply with EU data protection laws, especially if they make decisions about data processing outside the EU.


New Milestone Achieved in AI Governance

EU member states have unanimously voted for the Artificial Intelligence Act forward, setting the stage for changes in global AI regulation.

This decision, endorsed by all EU member states in COREPER, marks a crucial step forward despite recent concerns voiced by key stakeholders. European Commissioner Thierry Breton has commended the agreement for its balanced approach, fostering trust and innovation and ensuring the protection of citizens’ rights.