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CASE LAW Update: The Court of Justice of the EU Clarifies Controller Obligations in GDPR

CJEU has just delivered its ruling in Case C-60/22 on GDPR compliance. The court clarified that a breach by a controller of the obligations laid down in Articles 26 and 30 GDPR does not in itself confer on the data subject a right to erasure or to restriction of processing.


⚖ CASE LAW Update: The Court of Justice of the EU clarifies compensation under GDPR Article 82 in Case C-300/21

� Today, CJEU cleared out the important questions on compensation under Article 82 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


⚖️ CASE LAW Update 📣 The Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) Clarifies Right of Access to Personal Data under GDPR

🔍 CJEU has issued a judgment in Case C-487/21 clarifying the interpretation of the right of access under Article 15 of the GDPR. It clarifies the meaning of the terms “copy” and “information” in the context of personal data.


From CCPA to CPRA:

New Year, new consumers’ rights for Californian residents. With 1 January, 2023, the CPRA, sometimes also referred to as CCPA 2.0, entered into force. Main changes are related to privacy rights of Californian residents with the CPRA introducing new rights as well as amending rights already granted under CCPA.

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Andreas Maetzler, Charlotte Mason


💥 It is official - CPRA regulations get delayed until March 29, 2024

The Superior Court for the County of Sacramento decided that the enforcement of the CPRA regulations is stayed for 12 months from the date the California Privacy Protection Agency published the final version which was March 29, 2023.