The European Commission Established an AI Office to Advance EU Leadership in Reliable and Safe AI

Today, the establishment of the AI Office was announced by the European Commission. It was developed to reduce risks, maximize societal and economic benefits, and improve AI development, deployment, and use.

Units within the AI Office:

💠 Regulation and Compliance: Ensures uniform application of the AI Act, coordinates investigations, and administers sanctions. 💠 AI Safety: Identifies and mitigates systemic risks, evaluates and tests general-purpose models. 💠 Excellence in AI and Robotics: Supports R&D, coordinates the GenAI4EU initiative. 💠 AI for Societal Good: Works on applications of AI for the benefit of society worldwide, such as cancer diagnosis and weather modeling. 💠 AI Innovation and Policy Coordination: Oversees EU AI strategy, monitors trends and investments, and supports regulatory sandboxes and real-world testing.

Next Steps:

➡ Organisational changes effective from 16 June. ➡First AI Board meeting by end of June. ➡Guidelines and codes of practice development in progress, aligned with the AI Act’s timeline.

The EU Commission started taking action in January 2024 to assist SMEs and startups in creating reliable AI, which resulted in the creation of the AI Office. The AI Office is dedicated to advancing a cutting-edge ecosystem for reliable AI and establishing itself as a major international hub for AI governance.