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Today Marks Data Privacy Day: Reflecting on Progress and Anticipating Future Developments

Let’s take a moment to reflect on our collective journey and look forward to the path ahead. Here’s a concise recap:

🔍Looking Back:

  • Swiss FADP: Implemented strong data protection measures with the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection.

  • Global Relevance: Noteworthy strides in adequacy decisions and the AI Act for a more secure digital landscape.

  • Global Legislation Overview: Recognizing the global importance of privacy, 137 out of 194 countries have enacted legislation to secure data protection. Concerns about personal information collection without consent have spurred these protective measures.

📊 Legislation Snapshot:

  • 71%: Countries with enacted legislation.

  • 9%: Countries with draft legislation.

  • 15%: Countries with no legislation.

  • 5%: Countries with no available data.

🗺️ Global Data Protection Landscape:

As of today, 160 countries and self-governing jurisdictions have embraced comprehensive data protection laws, covering 82% of the global population.

Looking Ahead - Key Dates and Factors for 2024:

  • CCPA Enforcement: Entering into force on March 29th.

  • US State Privacy Laws: Keep an eye on the evolving landscape using this chart.

  • EU NIS II: To be transposed into national law by Oct 17th.

  • Digital Service Act (DSA): New type of representative required from Feb 17th.

  • China PIPL: Implementation guidelines still pending.

As in previous years, we are dedicated to keeping you well-informed and simplifying your data privacy compliance management. Whether you’re considering appointing a representative to comply with various local privacy regulations in operating countries, preparing for changes in the data privacy landscape, or seeking automated solutions to streamline data protection processes, we are ready to guide you.