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🛡 EDPB Resolves Meta Dispute and Creates Chat GPT Task Force 💡

Based on Article 65 of the GDPR, the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) has settled a dispute regarding Meta Platforms Ireland Limited’s (Meta IE) data transfers to the US for its Facebook service. The decision answers crucial legal queries from the Irish Data Protection Authority (DPA) and guarantees that national DPAs will apply the GDPR consistently.

The EDPB’s binding decision resolved the disagreement over fines and compliance orders because the DPAs were unable to come to an agreement.

Within one month of notification, the lead supervisory authority (LSA) will make a final decision based on the EDPB’s ruling and its legal analysis. After the LSA notifies the controller, the EDPB will announce its conclusion.

Additionally, in response to the recent action by the Italian DPA against Open AI, the EDPB established a task force to promote collaboration and information sharing regarding enforcement actions related to Chat GPT.

For the purpose of protecting personal data in the digital age, EDPB is still dedicated to the rights and principles of GDPR.