EDPB Issues Urgent Decision Regarding Meta's Data Processing

The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) responded swiftly to protect data subjects’ rights, imposing a ban on Meta IE’s handling of personal data for behavioral advertising within the European Economic Area (EEA).

🔹 Reasoning: This critical decision arose from Meta’s persistent GDPR violations, specifically their improper use of legal bases and failure to comply with directives issued by authorities. 🔹Urgency: The severity of risks posed to data subjects’ rights necessitated an exceptional Art. 66 procedure, highlighting the imminent need for action to mitigate these risks. 🔹Background: The EDPB’s decision stemmed from the Norwegian Data Protection Authority’s initial ban in Norway and subsequent requests to extend measures across the EEA, showcasing a pattern of ongoing GDPR infringements. 🔹Action Taken: In response, the EDPB directed the Irish data protection authority to enforce a ban on Meta IE’s processing of personal data collected for behavioral advertising. This step aimed to rectify legal grounds misuse and ensure compliance with DPA directives.