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🤝  EU-Japan Agreement on Cross-Border Data Flows: An Important Leap in Digital Collaboration

The EU and Japan have officially inked a landmark deal on cross-border data flows, marking an important step to drive digitalization across societies and economies. This agreement will seamlessly integrate into the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), representing a significant milestone in forming stronger ties between the EU and Japan.

Key Points of the Agreement:

Common Approach on Data Flows: The deal lays the foundation for a unified approach on data flows, emphasizing collaboration over fragmentation. This paves the way for smoother, more efficient digital exchanges between the EU and Japan.

Message Against Digital Protectionism: By establishing a common ground on cross-border data, a powerful message is sent against digital protectionism and arbitrary restrictions. This commitment to open collaboration reflects the dedication to a globalized digital economy.

Reflecting the EU Digital Agenda: The agreement is in harmony with the EU’s digital agenda, showcasing the commitment to fostering innovation, economic growth, and digital transformation. It positions the EU and Japan at the forefront of global digital leadership.

Promotion of Stringent Privacy Rules: Ensuring high standards, the agreement supports strong privacy rules in the EU and Japan, highlighting the critical importance of data security in our interconnected world.

🌐 What’s Next?

As we await ratification, the integration of these provisions into the EPA will set the stage for a new era of digital collaboration.