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📌 Exciting News: UK and US Commit to Data Bridge, but Details Remain Scarce 🔔

🛡 The UK and US have committed in principle to establish a data bridge, extending the Data Privacy Framework. Although details are limited, this move is seen as an attempt to substantiate the Prime Minister’s visit to the US. The data bridge has the potential to encompass sectors like pharmaceuticals and financial services, which are currently not covered by the Privacy Shield but pose data sensitivity challenges. The extension of the data transfer regime through certification and accountability mechanisms is a positive step, pending further details.

🗝 However, the EU is likely to have questions regarding onward transfers related to the UK’s adequacy decision. Moreover, concerns are growing within the EU regarding the independence of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) aspect of the Data Protection, Direct Marketing, and Digital Identity (DPDI) Bill, as highlighted in a recent European Parliament hearing.