Data Breach Management Tool

Avoid fines from GDPR authorities and get immediate help in data emergencies by subscribing to our automated Data Breach Services. We guarantee you best practice in handling data breaches from our experience as a Data Privacy law firm in managing hundreds of data breach notifications.

illustration of the breach overview process.

Designed to save you from data breach violations

Risk Assessment

AI powered classification of all risks arising from a data breach.

Immediate Guidance

Know what to do immediately and get individual advice on how to proceed according to Art 33 GDPR.

Art 33 Deadline Management

72 hours - the clock is ticking. We help you trigger and manage your 72 hour Art 33 GDPR deadline effectively.

Art 33 Audit Trail

We automate your audit trail to comply with Art 33 GDPR documentation obligations.


We protect all information under our attorney-client privilege.

Authority Notifications

We notify all supervisory authorities upon your instruction.

Data Subject Notifications

We facilitate the notification of affected data subjects.

Data Breach Portal

We offer your affected data subjects access to a dedicated online portal.

Communication with Supervisory Authorities

We manage the 72 hour deadline effectively in order to keep you safe from potential violations and resulting fines. We draft all notifications for the according supervisory authorities. We guarantee maximum compliance by following our internal GDPR compliance framework that we have developed inside our privacy law firm. We also handle the formal communication with authorities.

Communication with Data Subjects

We draft all information required for affected data subjects and advise you on the recommended notification strategy for these subjects. In order to demonstrate the highest levels of your effort to correct the data breach and inform all effected individuals, we provide a dedicated online portal with all relevant information on the data breach.

How does PrighterBreach work?

Illustration of the detailed breach risk assessment process.

Complete the PrighterBreach Sign-Up to provide the necessary information on the data breach. We’ll take care of the rest.


The provided information is the basis for a preliminary AI-powered risk classification which is reviewed by our privacy professionals. The criteria for risk classification are constantly updated and derived from the GDPR, case law and publications by data protection authorities, the official guidelines by the European Network Information Security Agency and the European Data Protection Board/W29 group.


Results of the risk classification may be:

Low Risk The data breach is unlikely to result in a risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals. The incident needs to be documented but neither the supervisory authority nor individuals need to be notified. We provide you with a complete audit trail for your records. Illustration for medium risk

Medium Risk The data breach is likely to result in a risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals. The incident needs to be documented and the competent supervisory authority needs to be notified. We determine which supervisory authority is competent and draft the notification and file it in the required official process. Illustration for high risk

High Risk The data breach is very likely to result in a risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals. You are required to not only notify the supervisory authority but also data subjects affected by the incident. We provide you with the notifications and advice needed to maintain GDPR compliance according to Article 33 GDPR.