The smart way to appoint your EU GDPR Representative

Ensure your operations are Art. 27 compliant within the EU market by appointing Prighter as your official GDPR Representative. Benefit from both our expertise as a data privacy law firm and our privacy management software for handling data subject rights and data breaches.

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Does my company need a GDPR Representative?

Companies without an entity, branch or any other establishment in EU are required to appoint an EU representative according to Art. 27 of the GDPR if they:

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Features and Services

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Local Contact for Data Subjects

Entrust Prighter as your reliable local point of contact handling privacy-related requests from EU individuals in multiple languages and from various locations. Our network of offices stretch across all major EU member states to cover your business operations no matter where your client base is. Capitilise on our services to build trust with your target audience and rely on Prighter for GDPR compliant interactions with data subjects.


Addressee for Authorities

Our professional team of data privacy lawyers and privacy professionals is experienced in handling requests from EU data protection authorities. Use our authority inbox to securely and efficiently manage communciations with authorities with features that include a case management system and a dedicated communication channel. Your GDPR-Rep subscription covers all standard inquires such as requests to submit records of processing activities. We have you covered!


EU-wide Coverage

Our network of offices ensures a local presence in all major EU countries and our team of qualified lawyers and privacy professionals supports you as your boots on the ground in the EU. Switch between the offices and manage the location of the representative with the ease of a mouse click. We are your one-stop-shop for privacy representation no matter where you operate and where your clients are: the EU at your fingertips.


Privacy Management Suite & Knowledge Hub

The Prighter Privacy Management Suite includes everything you need to manage your representation and interact with data subjects and authorities. Drop our text snippet into your privacy notice and make use of your dedicated, customizable compliance landing page to demonstrate your compliance with the EU GDPR. Interactions with data subjects can quickly and effeciently be managed through our proprietary Prighter Data Subject Request Solution which channels, structures and filters all incoming privacy requests in one place. Our solutions are designed to simplify and manage the whole lifecycle of a privacy request, saving you time, resource and money and substantially reducing your compliance risk. What’s more, make use of our knowledge hub to keep up to date with new guidelines, case law and more.


Gain Customer Trust

Gain trust with your client base, partners and all other stakeholders showcasing your GDPR compliance through the appointment of Prighter as your EU representative. Use the compliance landing page as your shop window for the EU by adding your branding and displaying your privay-related documentation and certifications. Furthermore, access your Prighter certificates to demonstrate your appointment of an EU representative, which can be conveniently included on your website or used in any other format to gain trust in all channels.


Specialised International Team

Our representation service is supported by a dedicated multi-jurisdictional team of lawyers and privacy professionals to assist you on GDPR related issues and handle your queries as they arise. Benefit from our expertise and experience through continual product enhancements and clear recommendations for your individual situation. We are happy to assist you in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Japanese, Turkish and many other languages. Reach out to us at any time.

Prighter is a certified IAPP Silver Partner

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Privacy Rights handled


Websites protected


Data Breaches handled

Man called Yoni in a blue shirt.

Yoni Elbaz Co-Founder and CEO,

"Prighter has made GDPR compliance a streamlined and effortless process for us. We've been using their service since 2018 and have always enjoyed a professional, reliable, and robust solution - as well as fast and effective support when we needed it. I have referred many friends to Prighter and highly recommend it!"
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Frank Steffen Managing Director,
Captec Analytics

"We are glad to have a representation right where our clients are without having to spend top dollars for a law firm. We actually did not know that it can be this easy – especially for the financial services area. The signup process was really fast and we feel very well taken care of by real privacy professionals (we did not expect that at all) – all this for an unbeatable price point."
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Erich Lehmann Founder,

"We noticed that data privacy is becoming more of a topic amongst our clients and regulatory changes take place all the time. We get great feedback on the data privacy certificate and managed to improve our compliance rating for potential clients. I also like the easy tool for data subject requests that we never had on our radar. We can now answer privacy data requests faster and keep track of how we handle them."
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Corey Bonasorte Vice President Compliance,
Access USA Shipping

"We have been using Prighter as our European representative from the beginning of GDPR implementation in 2018 and we will continue to be a client for years to come. They have made a complex regulation much easier to manage, especially their intuitive data subject request tool. As if it wasn’t good enough already, they continue to build out their platform offering more and more value."

How it works

Sign-up for your subscription and fill out your company information with just a few clicks.

We assess your privacy requirements and notify you when we have verified your account to start your free trial.

Log in to your client area and integrate your personalised GDPR-Rep privacy policy snippet into your website.

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Enjoy your GDPR-Rep services and demonstrate your privacy readiness to customers, partners, and authorities.

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