Your Data Controller Representative in Turkey

All-in-one solution for the Turkish Data Protection Regulation (KVKK). Appoint Prighter as your VERBIS-Representative and meet the requirements of the Turkish KVKK in an easy and efficient way

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Does my company need a Data Controller Representative in Turkey?

You should consider appointing Prighter as your Data Controller Representative in Turkey if your company:

  • is acting as a Data Controller
  • is processing personal data of individuals in Turkey; and
  • is not established in Turkey
All about your KVKK Obligations
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All you need for KVKK

Prighter provides you with the representation service, the VERBIS registration and the Data Subject Request management. All-in-one shop for KVKK.

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Grow with compliance

We help you to reach out to the Turkish market in compliance with KVKK. Gain trust with your customers in Turkey and avoid fines for non-compliance.

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KVKK efficiency

Benefit from the Prighter SaaS platform to set up your records of processing activities for the VERBIS registration and the management of data subject requests.

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Features and Services

Point of Contact

Designation of a Turkish individual as a contact person for the Turkish Data Protection Authority.


Acting as the addressee for data subjects and the Turkish data protection Authority on your behalf.

VERBIS Registration

Managing the registration with the Data Controllers’ Registry Information System (VERBIS).

Compliance Landing Page

A dedicated website hosted for you as a unique access point for all privacy related matters also under KVKK.

Representation Certificate

Demonstrate compliance with Turkish privacy law (KVKK) with your Prighter certificate.

Data subject request tool

The DSR tool reflects all requirements for managing DSRs according to KVKK. Boost your efficiency and reduce costs.

Knowledge Hub

Get the latest news on KVKK and the recent case law by the Turkish data protection authority.

A Team of Experts

Rely on our professionals to support you as Turkish natives with all KVKK related matters.

Covering all your needs for legal advice on KVKK with a Turkish qualified law firm.

Subscription for your Needs

Choose between a monthly, quarterly and yearly subscription.


How it works

How it works

Fill out your company information with just a few clicks and generate the necessary legal documentation.

Have the Power of Attorney (PoA) duly signed, notarised and apostilled.

Send us the scanned version of the PoA followed by the originals to our Turkish address.

Logo of the Turkish representation certificate.

We have the PoA notarised in Turkey and handle the VERBIS registration.

Let us take care of the hassle.

Be prepared with Prighter

As a Data Controller processing personal data of Turkish individuals, KVKK requires you to appoint a Data Controller Representative (DCR). Prighter can offer you this service with a wide range of competitive advantages.

  • Turkish office supported by a Turkish law firm to act as your DCR and conducting the VERBIS registration.
  • Contact person to be registered and handling the communicate with the Turkish data protection authority.
  • Manage all incoming data subject requests via the DSR tool.
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Turkish Data Protection Law (KVKK), VERBIS registration and what to do before December 31st, 2021!

Compliance with the Turkish data protection law (KVKK) is getting serious. 31 December 2021 is the deadline for the registration with the Data Controller Registry (VERBIS) and for the appointment of a representative in Turkey. From 2022 onwards the Turkish data protection authority may issue heavy fines for non-compliance.

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Turkish Data Protection Regulation (KVKK) FAQ

Does the KVKK apply to my company?