Your DSA Legal Representative in the EU

Appoint Prighter-DSA as your Legal Representative according to Art 13 of the Digital Service Act (DSA) to ensure compliance when offering digital services in Europe.

Intermediary Services

all services classified as intermediary services have obligations under the DSA. This includes (i) Mere Conduit Services (e.g. ISPs) (ii) Caching Services e.g. CNDs and (iii) Hosting Services (storage information services) e.g. cloud computing and webhosting which includes online platforms and VLOPs/VLOSEs. No matter what type of intermediary service you are, Prighter is on hand to represent you.

Hosting Services

have additional obligations under the DSA such as the need to have mechanisms in place to allow users to flag illegal content, to remove such content where required and/or alert authorities if serious crime is suspected.

Online Platforms

hosting services that are online platforms have a significant number of additional obligations imposed on them like processing reports by trusted flaggers with priority and suspending users that repeatedly upload illegal content.

Very Large Online Platforms (VLOPs) and Very Large Online Search Engines (VLOSE)

online platforms and search engines that provide their services to more than 45 million active users per month have the most stringent level of requirements to meet.

National Authorities

appointing Prighter means you only need to communicate with the Digital Services Coordinator of one Member State and provides a clear communication channel to the national supervisory authorities.

European Authorities

Prighter is on hand for any interaction with the EU Commission and European Board for Digital Services in their supervisory roles under the DSA.

Service Recipients

meet your obligations to consumers, businesses and other service recipients with the support of Prighter.

Trusted Flaggers

play a crucial role in the enforcement of the DSA. Prighter enables you to meet your obligations by providing trusted flaggers with an easy way to notify you of harmful content.

Protecting and Connecting your business: Expert DSA representation for a safer digital world

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Get compliant

Protect your business from fines of up to 6% of the organization’s annual worldwide turnover by appointing PrighterDSA as your representative under Article 13 DSA.

Single competent authority

By appointing Prighter-DSA as your legal representative, you simplify your compliance by engaging with just one EU Member State authority instead of navigating the complexities of multiple authorities across the EU.

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Specialised team

The Prighter-DSA team of multijurisdictional legal experts specializes in global digital governance. Our seasoned professionals, combined with cutting-edge legaltech solutions, make DSA compliance seamless and efficient for your company.

Comprehensive Digital Governance

All your representation needs in one place with our comprehensive range of services. Enjoy data protection representation under EU and UK GDPR, Turkish KVKK, Swiss FADP and more. Also need a rep under the NIS/NIS 2 Directives or TCOR? We’ve got you covered.


Enjoy hassle-free compliance. Let Prighter-DSA take care of the necessary steps in appointing a representative under the DSA. We'll register you with the Digital Services Coordinator and provide you with a quick and easy way to make our appointment as your legal representative public.

Addressee for Digital Services Authorities

Your boots on the ground in the EU. We'll be your point of contact for the Digital Services Coordinator, European Commission and European Board for Digital Services on all issues relating to your DSA compliance.

Meet key obligations

The Prighter EU DSA Rep service fuses Prighter’s proprietary automated Management Suite with a dedicated team of specialists, giving you the tools to fulfill your DSA obligations easily and efficiently.

Your electronic point of contact

The Prighter EU DSA Rep service gives you access to your exclusive Digital Governance Portal - an essential electronic access point to enable authorities, service recipients, and trusted flaggers to reach out to you. Showcase your compliance by customizing your portal, evidence Prighter as your DSA representative, and display any compliance-related accolades in one convenient place.

Legaltech designed by lawyers

Born out of a law firm specialising in digital governance, the Prighter EU DSA Rep service and Prighter's LegalTech solutions are designed by a multijurisdictional team of legal experts, making the Prighter-DSA service an authentic and comprehensive offering.

All in one Protection

Expect more with our compliance one-stop-shop. Let Prighter, led by the team at its boutique group law firm with its extensive partner law firm network, assist you in all aspects of your digital governance. Everything you need in one place.

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Does my company need a EU DSA Representative

If your organisation falls in one the following categories:

and offers services to recipients in the EU, your organisation is required to appoint an EU DSA Representative.

Digital Service Act (DSA) explained

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