Processing Swiss data? Get covered with Prighter Swiss Representative today.

The Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP) requires companies without a corporate seat in Switzerland to appoint a privacy representative. Appoint Prighter today to get covered in Switzerland!


Does my company need a Swiss FADP Representative?

Under FADP (Art. 14), a data controller with its corporate seat outside Switzerland is required to appoint a Swiss representative, if its processing activities:

  • are connected with the offer of goods or services or the monitoring the behaviour of individuals in Switzerland; and
  • such processing takes place regularly, on a large scale and poses a high risk to the relevant data subjects.
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Features and Services


Swiss point of contact for individuals

Rely on Prighter as your local point of contact for privacy related requests from individuals in Switzerland. Our proprietary Prighter Data Subject Request Solution makes the handling of data subject requests from Swiss individuals more straightforward and ensures compliance with local specifics of the Swiss FADP. In addition, our local team is there to support you along the way and assist in the communication with data subjects. You can build on our credibility in the market to demonstrate your organization’s accountability and trustworthiness.


Trusted addressee for the Swiss authority

Prighter acts as your addressee for the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC). Prighter is there to help you manage cases with the data protection authority. Our local team will guide you through any proceeding with the regulator and our Authority Case Management solution provides a structured and transparent way to handle communication with the FDPIC.


Supported by a qualified local team

Only a Swiss entity or an individual in Switzerland can be appointed as a Swiss representative. Prighter has incorporated Prighter CH GmbH which is supported by a local team of lawyers and privacy professionals fluent in German, French and Italian to best comply with the obligations of the representative. We are your qualified boots on the ground, handling your data protection matters with our local expertise and experience.


Privacy Management Suite

The Prighter Swiss FADP representative solution is supported by the Prighter Privacy Management Suite. Prighter’s tech-enhanced representative service makes compliance with local requirements effortless. Requests from individuals in Switzerland are channelled, structured and filtered through our proprietary Prighter Data Subject Request Solution to make the management of privacy requests reliable and efficient. Handle cases with the Swiss supervisory authority (FDPIC) through our Authority Case Management or classify and report data breach incidents through the Prighter Breach Solution. Rely on the combination of a Swiss local team and the legal tech solutions of the Prighter Privacy Management Suite to meet your compliance needs.


Leverage Compliance to unlock growth

By appointing Prighter as your representative in Switzerland you gain trust with your client base, partners and all other local stakeholders. The appointment shows your commitment to data privacy which removes concerns, builds trust and therefore shortens your sales cycles. Showcase your accountability on your dedicated Prighter compliance landing page which is branded for you and allows you to display your privacy-related documentation and certifications. Your Prighter Swiss representative certificate can quickly demonstrate your compliance with the Swiss FADP. Embed it in your website or use it in any other format to gain trust in all channels.


Global Privacy Representation Solution

The requirement to appoint a privacy representative has been adopted by data protection regulations around the world. Prighter is committed to cover you wherever you want to grow your business. Expand into overseas markets with the peace of mind that you are covered by Prighter and its team of local privacy professionals. By providing representative and other privacy-related solutions across a number of jurisdictions, Prighter enables you to address your global market with confidence through one provider. Demonstrate your commitment to data protection compliance across multiple territories and show your stakeholders that you care about the requirements of their local data protection regimes.

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Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP) FAQ

Does the FADP apply to my company?